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11 Seconds

As a subscriber to the McMillan Training Plans, and a fan of their website, I receive their regular email newsletters. They’re usually a goldmine of information from coaches and athletes, little sparks of inspiration to spur you along in your training. Sometimes I skim, sometimes I read more in depth, but I always pay attention.... Continue Reading →


Clean Slate Club

Getting away from the negativity of my last post… One thing I do really like about living and working on a ship (aside from the good fortune of being a working actor) is the fact that every once in a while you get a totally clean slate. Every week, we get a whole new batch... Continue Reading →

Well, poop.

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks. First week, we had a not-so-pleasant encounter with a person whose communication skills left a lot to be desired, and it left both Greg and I very frustrated and angry. (And a little worried about potentially getting into trouble, which thankfully did not happen). We could have handled some... Continue Reading →

Running #BostonStrong: One Year Later

Living on a ship has it’s occasional and infrequent drawbacks, one being the limited access to “real world’ stimulus. We have very few live channels, but 3 of them are ostensibly “News” (aka: opinion and pundits wrapped around current events, plus BBC). I don’t know what it’s like in the Real World, but the Boston... Continue Reading →

How do you “Normalize”?

Today marks the end of Week 4 on our ship. We’ll be here until the end of July, and I’m starting to get antsy about my fitness. Could be because I’m feeling my show pants start to snug up a bit - that weight I lost thanks to My Fit Foods seems to have snuck... Continue Reading →

I’m ready for the Windy City!

Announcing my fall marathon. My grudge match in one of my favorite cities: I've already got my training plan ordered. It's on. Restricted port time this week prevents me from posting more, but I'll make with the details shortly...

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