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Oh. Hi, there. You know, a few years back, I was blogging pretty regularly - running a lot, working on cruise ships (thus the name, "I Run on Water") and generally being a woman-about-town. That last part's not true - I'm a homebody. A lot has changed. My blogging got more sporadic, my blog account... Continue Reading →


Gearing up for Goofy

Well, here we go! I'm heading into the final two races in my racing "season", and they're doozies. I'm running the back-to-back Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World, which means for the next 2 mornings I'll get up at 3:00AM and head to the EPCOT parking lots to start running a half marathon (Saturday) and... Continue Reading →

Chicago Marathon Training, Week Two

As underwhelming as my training was last week, thanks to the (what I can only assume were) phlegm-gnomes living in my chest, this week was significantly better. I made it through shows without coughing fits. I could take almost full breaths when required to sing. I didn’t have to stop mid-run to… ‘expectorate’ violently. Yes,... Continue Reading →

New Disneyland Half Marathon Medals Revealed!

2014 #DisneylandHalf Medals revealed! Which race are you participating in? — runDisney (@runDisney) June 13, 2014 Oh, shiny. Oh, pretty. Oh, precious. I'm in Anaheim a mere 2 weeks to early to partake... These medals look pretty great, though. If it weren't too late to sign up, I'd have a serious case of couch-surfing... Continue Reading →

Nutrition Planning for Marathon Training

May 25th marks the official start to my McMillan Personal Training Plan. Until then, I’ve been working on my cardio strength by building up my straight-up running stamina. Since I normally do a 2/1 walk/run interval, I’ve been spending the last month working through a 5K training app on my iPhone. I know, it sounds... Continue Reading →

It’s Tax Time

Don’t check your calendars, I haven’t turned back the clock to April. As an independent contractor-type person, I have until June 15 to file my taxes (Both Canadian and US, aren’t I lucky? I get to file in TWO countries!). I have a love/hate relationship with tax season. I don’t mind paying my taxes (and... Continue Reading →

11 Seconds

As a subscriber to the McMillan Training Plans, and a fan of their website, I receive their regular email newsletters. They’re usually a goldmine of information from coaches and athletes, little sparks of inspiration to spur you along in your training. Sometimes I skim, sometimes I read more in depth, but I always pay attention.... Continue Reading →

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