Stan’s Donut 5K Recap

Heyo, what’s this? A race recap?

You bet your bippy.

If you read my recent, resurrection post, “Reconnecting…”, you’ll remember that I ran a 5K (or more) per month for the summer/fall racing season. It was a great experience, and one that I wanted to repeat this year – and this year, Greg agreed to do it with me!

The race for August was a repeat of an inaugural race I ran with friends last year, Stan’s Donut 5K, and this year was bigger and, dare I say, even better!

Greg picked up the race kits for both of us – the race shirt was pink this year, but the front looked pretty much the same. There were also discount codes for other races run by the same team, as well as samples for Ultima Replenisher (which I’m a huge fan of) and a coupon for BOGO donuts at Stan’s Donut.

Because this race takes place virtually in our back yard, we opted to take Divvy bikes over to the site and warm up our legs a little bit. Using the bikes also meant we saved some time over walking to the start.

When we got there, we found the race site to be very festive – I mean, there were giant inflatable donuts…


What’s not to love right?

We didn’t have any gear to check, and arrived just as the announcer was telling runners to get in the corrals, and so we took a quick photo and made our way over to figure out where we belonged based on the very official corral pacing signs which read “Very Fast” “Sorta Fast” “Kinda Fast”, etc. We inserted ourselves into the “Sorta Fast” corral and proceeded to wait.

It was very crowded. There were almost as many people waiting at the entrance to the corral to get in as there were actually in the corral, it seemed.

Then they played, quite possibly the slowest, most drawn out version of the national anthem either of us had ever heard.

Then the race started! They did a nice job of sending runners off in manageable waves so that the course did not feel too crowded, and somehow Greg and I were standing right where a corral separating ropes appeared, meaning we were at the very front of our group of runners. In the past, that would have freaked me out, and I would have eased my way back farther in the corral, salmon-swimming-upstream-like, but this day I just thought “ah, what the heck”. As soon as the airhorn sounded, we FLEW!

Now, the goal was to run this race easy. I had a 35 minute “easy” training run on my schedule, and so we discussed that being the plan for this race. I reminded Greg a few times that this was supposed to be easy as we went along – as much to remind myself, as to remind him.

We slowed up a bit and let folks pass us.

Before we knew it, we were at Mile 1 for water, and then the first Donut Stop. That’s right. There were donut stops along this course! We took a delicious mini donut and kept speeding along.

The route was very familiar, being that it was the local park where I tend to run all my training runs. But I don’t usually have people handing me donuts every mile when I run there, so this was a good day.

Before we knew it, there was Mile 2 and another donut, just as delicious (and mouth-drying) as the first one. Fortunately, the water stop in this mile was after the donut, not before, and thus quenched, we zipped along.

I looked at my watch, and resolved to slow down a smidge so we didn’t come in too much under 35 minutes. That is, until we hit Mile 3.

Then all bets were off. We both surged to the finish, laughing. Greg beat me across the line, but I’d like to think I held my own,

We collected our adorable medals and made our way to the post-race snacks.



We got a delicious old-fashioned cake donut, and a can of High Brew iced coffee, as well as bananas and Boxed Water. I will say this. It was a lot of sugar. Stan’s had parked their donut truck onsite to sell donuts as well, and we brought money to buy donuts, but found that a) the line was too long, and b) we were sugared out.

We had a lot of fun. It’s a well-organized, light-hearted affair with events for the whole family, including a separate 5K walk, and kid’s races. I’d love to come back again next year.

Total time: 34:14 (pretty close to that 35 minute goal!)

Question: Have you ever run a food themed race?


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