Chicago Marathon Training, Week Two

As underwhelming as my training was last week, thanks to the (what I can only assume were) phlegm-gnomes living in my chest, this week was significantly better. I made it through shows without coughing fits. I could take almost full breaths when required to sing. I didn’t have to stop mid-run to… ‘expectorate’ violently.

Cough Drops
photo credit: classic_film via photopin cc

Yes, this week was much better.

Monday: 30 – 45 minute Easy Run (Optional 6 – 8 15 second strides at 5K effort with 1 minute jog between during the run). I chose not to do the strides this week. Instead, I gingerly tested out my endurance by warming up, and then running 2 miles with no walk breaks. I did this run in the crew gym which meant no windows and a very HOT run, but I was pleased with the results of that test, and felt boosted for my long run later in the week

Tuesday: I intended to run before our shows, but somehow I lost part of my day. I blame the fact that a) we change time zones every single week, and occasionally I get confused by that, and b) we watched Anchorman 2. So, rest and dumb comedy.

Wednesday: Rest Day. Late night the night before, so more rest than I intended. (Damn you, Z-Quil).

Thursday: Long Run Day 10 – 12 miles. My goal was 8, since I’m a little behind. I got out later than I intended, thanks to being told we had to be somewhere and do something shippy at 9:45. Turns out we didn’t, so I wasted a good part of the morning as a result. By the time I got out, it was really starting to heat up, but I was pleased to discover that my lungs were in much better shape than the previous week, and my legs felt fresh and rested (because they were). I ran the first 6 miles at a faster pace than I should have for a long run, but frankly I’m not going to worry about it this week. I also remembered to put on sunscreen this time, so no burn. I may have been a dripping, sweaty mess, but I got all 8 miles done. If it had been cooler, I would have tried for the full 10.

Friday: Rest Day. Another late night of shows the night before, and it really takes it’s toll.

Saturday: 30 – 45 minute Thirds Progression Run I did this in 10 minute chunks, using the paces provided by the McMillan Calculator, but I think I may have done it “wrong”, since I ended up running about a minute per mile faster at each pace (Easy, Medium and Medium-Hard) than I calculated. I suppose if I want to get faster, that is probably not the worst thing in the world, but part of it is learning how to moderate my pace.

Sunday: Rest – New York City and LOTS of walking around, no doubt.

The blog revamp is coming along, and later this week I should be able to launch the new look for I Run on Water and my exciting announcement!

Stay tuned, friends!


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