Chicago Marathon Training, Week One (Take Two)

New Gear

Ok, so my body gave me a little trouble during the last week of May and I wasn’t able to train, but if reclining with pillows tucked behind you and eating more Ricola and Z-pack than actual food can be considered a training method, then I really did my job. In spades.

My Week

I crossed that week’s training off my ‘to-do’ list, and looked at this past week as my new “Week One”. Here’s what was on tap:

Monday:  Still resting. We were in some pretty rough weather today and I still had a bit of a rattle when I coughed, so I gave myself another day.

Tuesday: More rest. It was supposed to be a 30 – 45 minute Easy Run (Optional 6 – 8 15 second strides at 5K effort with 1 minute jog between during the run), but the seas were angry, my friend. I opted to take another rest day to let my lungs have more recovery time and not risk tumbling off the treadmill amidst the 8 – 10 ft waves.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: I swapped a Pace Booster Run in favour of the week’s Long, Steady Run of 8 – 10 miles since we happened to be in port all day and I had the time. I managed 5 miles in Bermuda. It was hot, I coughed like crazy for the first 2 miles and walked for much of the third mile. I burned to a crisp. It was not pretty. Perhaps one of my worst, slowest runs in years. The kind of run that you just want to forget because it makes you doubt your capability to improve.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Off, or 30 minute Easy Run – I opted for a 30 minute Easy run with the 15 second strides I skipped earlier in the week. We had atypically smooth seas heading back to New York on Saturday, so running on the treadmill was finally an option for me. This run went great! It was the exact opposite of the long run I did on Thursday, it felt just on the challenging side of easy and it brought me back from the brink of “I’ll never be ready for a marathon this fall”.

Sunday: Scheduled 30 – 45 minute Pace Booster Run (warm up at Easy Pace, 15 minute Steady State Pace midway through the run, then run at a cool down pace for the remainder of the time). This is on tap for when I get back to the ship this afternoon. Wish me luck.

I will probably always switch things around to do my Long, Steady Run on Thursday, instead of Sunday since Sunday is the one day that we’re in New York, and we tend to be flying around the city, running errands or seeing friends in our short time there. (We can often get off the ship as early as 8:30 and have to be back on board by 3:00) That said, I’ve often fantasized about doing my long runs in NYC. I suppose there is time for me to do an 8 – 10 miler, come back to the ship for a fast shower and still have a few hours to spare. Maybe.

The schedule on this ship is taking a toll. It’s a lot of shows, and a lot of late nights as a result, and it’s been hard getting the rest needed and fitting in time for workouts, shows and a life. Champagne problems. I know people are able to do more with less.

I’m also working on trying to switch the ol’ bloggeroonie over to a self-hosted version now that I own but it’s a pretty steep learning curve, and I only ever have two or three hours at a time to figure out where I left off and what to try next (and inevitably, what I’m doing wrong). But once that’s up and running I have an exciting new project that I’m dying to announce and get off the ground… I can’t wait!

How’s your training going?


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