May the Course Be With You (#LetTheWookieWin)

Anticipation has been growing over the last year over rumours that runDisney was planning a Star Wars themed race. The only thing unknown about this not-so well-kept secret was which coast would host the race and when it would be run.


 …And so it was that a new runDisney race was announced and a destiny was fulfilled.

This new race weekend taking place January 15 – 18, 2015 (which date is sure to rankle some folks, with it’s proximity to the Marathon Weekend in Florida) will host a 5K, a 10K, a Half Marathon, and a Rebel Challenge (10K & 1/2 Marathon on consecutive days) as well as the popular kid’s races.

Am I excited about this race? You bet! I can’t wait to run it someday, but not likely the inaugural year. Unless some financial windfall comes my way, I won’t be running Disney in 2014 – a decision that was tough to face, but necessary.

Between the high entry fees and the travel costs that go along with these races, I’m going to have to pick and choose a little more carefully the more races runDisney adds. As fun as they are, I’m in no position to Run All The Races (and I’m ok with that). That said, I think the weather in California in January is much more conducive to me running happily than it was at the end of August! I’m also happy that Disneyland has been given the opportunity to host yet another race. When we ran the Disneyland Half back in 2012, I really appreciated the extra sleep the location afforded us thanks to the resorts comparative diminutive size.

Now… when will the announce a race in Paris? (runDisney fans are never, ever satisfied.)

Will you be running the Star Wars Half Marathon in 2015?


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